2023 CJT Connectors Group Construction Activities


As an employee of CJT connectors, I am honored to participate in the two-day team building event organized by the company. The content of this event was rich and diverse, including visits to the Hakka Po Tofu Flower Museum, Luofu Mountain, Dongjiang Column Memorial Hall, Yiqing Valley Hot Spring Bath, CS Field Operations, off-road vehicles and other outdoor activities, which made us spend an unforgettable weekend.

At the Hakka Po Tofu Flower Museum, I gained a deeper understanding of Hakka culture and the process of making tofu flowers, which gave me a more comprehensive understanding of Hakka culture. Tasting local specialty cuisine allows us to feel the beauty of life. In the Luofu Mountain Scenic Area, we hiked through the mountains and forests, enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, while also exercising our bodies and enhancing our willpower.

Visiting the Dongjiang Column Memorial Hall, I was deeply touched by the narrator's narration. They defended the country with their lives, protected the nation with their beliefs, and forged history with their courage, which gave me a deeper sense of awe towards these heroes. Their bravery, fearlessness, and spirit of sacrifice have made me cherish my current life even more, and have also inspired me to contribute to the development of my country and nation.

As night fell, we stayed in Yiqing Valley. The Yiqing Valley in the night is quiet and beautiful, with only the murmur of hot spring water and the chirp of insects in the distance, making people feel incredibly relaxed and peaceful. Feeling the smoothness and hot air of hot spring water, one can forget fatigue and troubles, as if immersed in a pure and beautiful world. I feel the beauty of life and the power of nature.

The next day, we had a CS field competition. In the CS field, we divided into two teams to engage in intense "battles" and learned how to collaborate with team members and develop tactics. Driving an off-road vehicle through jungles and slopes, experiencing the collision of speed and passion. These activities not only made me feel the strength and importance of the team, but also made us more confident and brave. I firmly believe that in the future journey, our team will become even stronger, like blooming flowers, blooming with endless power.


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